Five Influential Female Artists of the Past Decade

May 12th 2021

There are many more than 5, but learn more about these women who have helped shape the music industry!

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Record Store Days Are Here!,

Record Store Days Are Here!

September 26th 2020

Record Store Days continue on Saturday October 24th

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Steven Wilson,

Steven Wilson

July 13th 2020

Hailing from London, England, Steven Wilson’s career spans more than three decades with the inception of Porcupine Tree in 1987 and includes more bands and projects that all live up to a stringent bar of quality. Wilson's new album 'The Future Bite...

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Blue Note Records,

Blue Note Records

March 30th 2020

Underground Music is your source for some of the best Jazz vinyl available, especially albums pressed by Blue Note Records

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Featured Artist: Ozzy Osbourne,

Featured Artist: Ozzy Osbourne

March 4th 2020

The Heavy Metal Prince Of Darkness has released his first studio album in 10 years! Underground Music has your Ozzy Osbourne fix on our shelves, come on in for your copy!

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Featured Artist: Tame Impala,

Featured Artist: Tame Impala

February 3rd 2020

Come on down to Underground Music to grab a pressing of Tame Impala’s new release ‘The Slow Rush’, or pick up the album ‘Currents’ to get yourself acquainted with a modern psychedelic classic!

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Farewell To A King - Remembering Neil Peart,

Farewell To A King - Remembering Neil Peart

January 23rd 2020

The music world lost an icon and a hero this month when Neil Peart passed away. Underground Music has something special to say about this drumming legend.

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Featured Artist: Mott The Hoople,

Featured Artist: Mott The Hoople

November 20th 2019

From November 1969 to 1974, Mott the Hoople released 7 fairly successful albums with a good following. David Bowie himself was a fan of the band. We have 4 of their albums on our shelves here in Kelowna.

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Fall Fandom Sale,

Fall Fandom Sale

September 3rd 2019

Underground Music in Kelowna BC is proud to announce our Fall Fandom Sale. Reduced prices on all your favorite Rock albums until the end of October. Come down to the store and see what you can find!

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Featured Artist: Arctic Monkeys,

Featured Artist: Arctic Monkeys

July 21st 2019

In September 2013, English indie rock band, Arctic Monkeys, released their fifth studio album, AM. The album received critical acclaim, debuted at number one in the UK, and brought them worldwide recognition.

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Featured Artist: Imagine Dragons,

Featured Artist: Imagine Dragons

July 10th 2019

On November 9, 2018 Las Vegas pop rock ensemble, Imagine Dragons, released their fourth studio album Origins.

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Featured Artist: Radiohead,

Featured Artist: Radiohead

May 16th 2019

English rockers, Radiohead, released their third studio album, Ok Computer, on June 6, 1997.

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